Fuel and Performance Bonus for OTR Drivers

June 14, 2016

Big G wants all of their drivers to receive the fuel and performance bonus! By attaining the goals set by the Big G Fleet, any driver has the opportunity to earn this bonus.

How does the Bonus work?

50% based on Drivers MPG-Average 6-month MPG must 7.1 or above.

25% based on Drivers ON TIME DELIEVERIES in  6-month period- no more than 3 late deliveries.

NOTE: 0 Service Failures receive a MPG Credit of .25

25% based on meeting 2 goals: IDLE TIME- at or below 5% and APU HOURS during the 6-month bonus period at or below 550 hours. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Running out of fuel will result in immediate disqualification for the BONUS.

1/2 cent per pay mile bonus paid in June and December.

June BONUS checks will be for mileage December 1 through May 31.

After each bonus period is complete and calculations are tallied for each driver, the data is analyzed to insure the goals are attainable. Over the years, as the Big G Fleet changed over to 100% APU installed, the
MPG and IDLE time goals were adjusted to keep the bonus attainable but also to promote the most efficient use of our fuel and equipment.




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