From the Desk Of Randy Vernon-President

By Randy Vernon

June 13, 2016

The first of June not only brought all the employee-owners of Big G Express great news about our ESOP stock price but it also brought the great news that Ike Transportation of Murfreesboro, Tennessee had joined the Big G family..Much like Big G, IKE was born some 20 years ago. The founders of the company, Steve Jones and Steve Rutledge left Goggin Truck Lines (the founding company of Big G Express) to venture out on their own into the flatbed business. Over these past 20 years “the Steve’s” have carefully and profitably grown IKE to the 40 truck service oriented organization it is today.Going forward, our plan is maintain Ike as its own entity. Our plan for IKE also includes growth although that growth will be carefully planned and controlled to insure that we preserve the core business that has gotten Ike to the point it is today – as well as to protect the jobs of all of the new employee-owners that have played such a large part in Ike’s success.I want to encourage everyone that has enjoyed our success and our joy in the growth of our ESOP to join me in welcoming all the employees of IKE Transportation and as you meet them, please share the excitement we all have about our great employee-owned company. Thank you!
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