ESOP Balances-Real People, REAL MONEY

June 13, 2016

By now you should have received your ESOP statement in the mail (if you were hired before July 1, 2014). It is exciting to see the balances increase as we get our annual contribution (stock allocated based on years of service and compensation) and an increase in our stock price (up 34% from 2014 to 2015). Below are just a few examples of how driver accounts grew in just one year. This is great news for all Big G employees as we all share in the success of Big G Express!

Hire Date2014 Balance2015 BalanceIncrease
April 2013$3,875$10,441$6,566
July 2008$25,456$40,195$14,739
August 2004$48,560$73,420$24,860



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