ESOP 2015 Stock Price Announced

June 13, 2016

It is that time of year again!  If you have not already heard, we have announced our ESOP 2015 stock price at our annual meetings in Shelbyville, Russellville, and Jeffersonville.  Once again, we have great news to share!!!  Our price has gone up:

2014 value         $27.75

2015 value         $37.17

What does that mean to you?  More money in your retirement account.  To one individual who was hired in 2008 it took their balance from about $50,000 to a little over $74,000.  That is a little over a $24,000 increase in one year!  WOW! 

There is no better investment than an ESOP!  What does a typical investment look like?  First it takes extra money.  Second it takes putting your extra money in the hands of people you don’t know working for a company you are not involved with and hoping they have good results.  With an ESOP, your only investment is your time and your talent.  Put your time in with the company and help the company continue to improve, and your ESOP balance will continue to grow. 

The profits you help generate are reinvested back into the company and back into your pocket through the ESOP.  You (every individual employee owner in the company) play a HUGE role in the success of Big G and with helping Big G continually improve.  You control the return on your investment of your time and talent.  It does not get any better than that!!!

Speaking of continuous growth and improvement.  We are committed to continually growing and improving our company.  Big G Express, our truckload division, will always be the core, or the foundation of our company.  Our focus will be to always grow and improve that division but we are also going to branch out so we can offer our customers a variety of solutions.  As you have seen, we are diversifying into logistics, flatbed, and looking to grow our warehousing footprint.  To help make sure we do not take our eye off the ball with Big G Express, we have developed a separate division.  The division will be called Big G Solutions and everything that is not truckload will roll up under that group.  This helps keep specific and intense focus on our core business, Big G express, while we diversify into other offerings for our customers.

Greg Thompson has taken on the role of Vice President for Big G Solutions.  His job will be to develop and grow Logistics, IKE, and warehousing while looking for other opportunities as well. 

Larry Holmes has taken on a new opportunity as the Terminal Manager for IKE.  He will be tasked with maintaining the outstanding IKE reputation while continuing to grow the flatbed division.

Jere Caplenor has taken on the role of VP of Operations and Customer Service for Big G Express.  He will be tasked with continuing to improve our safety, service, utilization, efficiencies, and overall operations

.Michael Griffin has moved from Director of Planning to Director of Operations for the Big G Express division.  He will be tasked with improving our driver experience with gains in utilization, reliable home time, and improved communications with the driving owners.

It is truly an exciting time to be an employee owner with Big G!  It is a privilege and an honor to be a part of this team of amazing people!

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