"It's probably the best company that I've ever worked for, and they treat their drivers really well. It's just been really easy to work here."

- Mechelle

"Being nominated for the road team has been an experience because it didn't just start with the road team. It was being driver of the month. Being driver of the year. Being recognized for having 1 million safe miles. Being honored with the other 12 or 13 guys. "

- Stephen

"I asked to be home every weekend. I've been home every weekend. Been here 1 year now and they haven't missed me getting home."

- Nick

"Love my hubby working here. We moved this week and he needed an extra day home and it was no problem. I can count on him being home on Friday like clockwork."

- Kenya

"I started at Big G in April 2012. The reason I am still here is because of the RESPECT they give. RESPECT for their drivers...I've never seen another company that constantly works creating a smooth and professional work environment."

- Dale

"Thanks for the raise. I haven't worked for a company that ever did as much as Big G does. Thanks again!"

- Kris

"Being at Big G Express has made my driving career so much easier because they offer so much more preventive maintenance on our tractors and trailers which means less down time on the side of the road, which equals being safer for me being a female driver. "

- Philippa

"I couldn't pick a better company to work for than Big G Express!"

- Tim

"If you are looking for a place to come that you can call home for you and your pet, Big G is definitely the place!"

- Jamie

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