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Big G Express November 2020 Driver of the Month - Frankie Burgin

December 01, 2020 Driver Spotlight

Congratulations to Frankie Burgin, Big G Express November 2020 Driver of the Month!

Frankie joined Big G in June 2010. His first trucking job was with Colonial Freight out of Knoxville, Tennessee. He worked there about a year and a half, worked for Celadon briefly, and then made it back to Big G. Before he joined the trucking industry, he was a die cast operator.

When asked what makes Big G stand out from other carriers — They care and have proven it by helping me through some hard times.

His advice to new drivers — Just hang in there — it will be rough at times, but it will always smooth out.

He lives in White Pine, Tennessee, with his wife, Katrina, and his great niece, Trinity. When not running around making money, he likes to relax, work on wood craft, and spend time with the family and go fishing.

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