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Big G Express October 2020 Driver of the Month - Kelly Strickland

November 01, 2020 Driver Spotlight

Congratulations to Kelly Strickland, Big G Express October 2020 Driver of the Month!

Kelly joined Big G on Jan 7, 2020. He started trucking in 2012 with Swift. He worked for them for about six months, then joined his dad at ABC pulling tankers. He tried the lease option deal at Dart Transit; that did not work out, so he switched to running regular fleet with them, and then finally made it to Big G. Before getting his CDL, he worked in landscaping.

When asked what makes Big G stand out from other carriers — It’s the people he works with day in and day out, and it really seems like family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

His advice for new drivers — Trucking has been good to him and it will provide for anyone if they put in the work and
pay attention.

He lives in Hampton, Tennessee, with his wife, Amy, and three kids, Leif, Corbett, and Shay. On his weekends off, he likes to travel around the tri-cities area playing music and singing.

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